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TG Caption – Retirement

When you join the mafia, you join it for life. So how would one go about retiring from the organization? Well… you can do what Adam did in the TG Caption above, you can retire as a woman.

TG Caption – Justice Served

Here is a TG Caption that is a little dark. It’s about getting revenge on a rapist. Let me know what you think and I hope you enjoy it!

TG Caption – Naughty Bunny

Bunny lingerie looks amazing on men when done right. But it’s what you do after you have slipped it on that matters. I think Keven in the above TG Caption figured it out pretty easily. 🙂 Enjoy the caption! Thanks!

TG Caption – Foreign Concept

Transforming yourself into a woman to escape a life of crime is a great idea. It just really sucks if you get caught. 🙂 Enjoy the cap my friends!