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TG Caption – Slowly Feminized

If you let your loved one take an inch, you may find they have taken a mile… or your manhood.

TG Caption – Devious

Being a working man in the office has gotten harder and harder as the new generation of young people begin to take over. You have to watch your back at all times, especially when you work with certain types of women. Just like Ted found out in the TG Caption above. I hope you all

TG Caption – Foreign Concept

Transforming yourself into a woman to escape a life of crime is a great idea. It just really sucks if you get caught. 🙂 Enjoy the cap my friends!

TG Caption – Cover Blown

While I still have a lot left to do to bring the site up to my standard, I’ve decided to at least start posting some captions in the meantime. Please let me know if you run into any errors and I’ll add it to my list of corrections. I’ll try for at least three tg


Website is coming along. Still quite a bit to do but shooting for the end of the weekend to have everything done and the first TG Caption done. It doesn’t help that I try to be a perfectionist! Here is a test link to see what the link colors look lie etc. TEST LINK Thanks!